Online Health Coach: Certified Fitness Programs

Laurie, a Personal Fitness Trainer, works with you to design a customized program that will improve you in your physical strength, health, and wellness. When you satisfy the requirements, after completing three phases, you receive a Certificate of Achievement. Each phase is six weeks in duration.
Health Coaching Program Components

  • Foundation Phase: Everyone starts at this level because your customized program is appropriate to your current levels, thus enabling Laurie to tailor her work with you to precisely target areas that will improve you the most in strengthening you in fitness abilities.
  • Premier Phase: In this segment clients typically notice an improvement in how they are feeling with respect to a steady expansion in their nutrition, wellness, and exercise capabilities.
  • Excalibur Phase: Clients recognize lifestyle habit improvements are firmly in place and are enjoying the ability to exercise greater self discipline in their motivation to stay tuned to significantly improved health, nutrition, wellness, and overall fitness.

An assessment of your current nutrition is the first step, and then reevaluating it as Laurie works with you.

Nutrition is a combination of your diet, your eating habits, and any supplements you take. The goal is to get you into a lifestyle that promotes a balance diet and support habits to improve your short term and long term health.

While there are many Standards and metrics for measuring diet and nutrition, Laurie has found that when a client modifies their habits around eating to accommodate their desired lifestyle, in tandem with exercise and wellness, solid progress is accomplished, and momentum is established to make further improvements more realistic.

All people inherently have a connection between the mind, body, and feelings. To achieve real progress in making lifestyle modifications, this connection must be remembered and then nurtured.

Laurie has found many methods that will improve wellness with her clients. One remedy is some form of meditation. Because her clients are at different ages and have different requirements, she has found many types of meditation that will accommodate just about every client.

Whats Is Health Coaching?

Laurie’s coaching services will enrich your life far beyond the usual consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling that you are accustomed to. Her Life Coaching services are designed to foster an alliance between you and her, so that this synergistic relationship naturally generates an expanded comprehension, in terms of, perception personal beliefs, perceptions, habits, and lifestyles.

What Are Typical Benefits From Health Coaching?

There are the main areas where Laurie’s clients benefit from Health Coaching services:

  • Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Health & Lifestyle
  • Family & Parenting
  • Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Personal Growth
  • Career Planning
  • Creativity Blocks

How Does Health Coaching Work?

The four phases below are the steps which are cycled in different approaches to produce beneficial coaching for Laurie’s client.