It is very common for people to set long term goals that have to do with summer activities, bathing suits, vacations or outdoor endeavors that all require improved fitness, weight loss, more muscle definition and/or an overall improvement in current healthy living and lifestyle. This requires a mind set change or a change in the way we view and think about certain areas.

Speaking of change it has also been my experience that while many people want to make healthy choices and create a healthier lifestyle, that is easier said than done. There are many reasons for this but the core has to do with behavior change, time management, readiness and motivation. It makes sense to many people to make resolutions to change eating habits, get in better shape or embark on a wellness practice. Research also documents that most of these resolutions are abandoned after 30 days (or less). So what can you do to ensure success? There are a couple of things that can make a tremendous difference:
  • Accountability- either a coach, mentor, trainer or expert in the area you are looking to address , a friend that truly has your back or a group run virtually or in person.
  • Take small steps and only a few at a time.
  • Make a plan and set short term, medium term and long term goals.
  • Record you plan, progress, success and challenges.
I encourage you to applaud your successes no matter how small you may view them. Everything counts and sometimes all we can do are small wins. Enough of those over time will add up to goal achievement if your willing to stay the course, do the work, get support and write out your goals/plan.
My friend Darin steen says it well in this video clip:
In my health/fitness coaching business this is the part that I am passionate about sharing. I want you to succeed. It is my goal to provide whatever tools can assist in this process. 
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Your sherpa,
Laurie Bagley MS in Outdoor Adventure Leadership, is a mother,  ACE certified health coach, entrepreneurial business owner, VeraHeart coach and teacher. Her Health and Wellness products business and her Health Fitness Coaching Business, focus on assisting people reach their health/wellness/fitness and financial goals. She is also the 6th woman to summit Mt. Everest from the North Col route and has written a book called SUMMIT

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