Healthy Eating: Busting 4 Food Myths

I recently read some information that I feel compelled to share as I believe knowledge is power and sometimes the knowledge we hold needs a reset. See if any of these beliefs hold true for you.

  • It is healthier to eat gluten free and this choice also support weight loss. It is important to eat gluten free if you of the 1% of the population that suffers from Celiac Disease (this immune system disorder is highly irritated by wheat products). While some people just feel better eating gluten free there are vitamins  and minerals can be missed if your not careful. further, There is no research that shows eating gluten free promotes weight loss.
  • Dairy is the main dietary source for calcium. While dairy is a common go to for this mineral there are many other sources that might support your body much better including non fat diary choices. Examples include: leafy greens (kale), broccoli and foods that are calcium fortified.
  • Eating fat is not a good thing. While eating to much fat is not a good thing a small amounts is necessary to promote brain function, vitamin absorption, over all mood and appetite control. Examples of some good fats include small amounts of coconut oil, small amounts of olive oil, small portions of nuts and a teaspoon of peanut butter as needed.
  • It doesn’t hurt of skip meals while trying to loose weight. while in fact in order to loose weight it is best not to let yourself get really hungry. That means lots of very small meals/snacks frequently so keep your blood sugar even and to avoid the body feeling like it needs go into some serious metabolic changes to compensate.
My health coaching program helps people with all the points above which is another reason I feel so strongly about good , non gmo nutrition and ways to help people with healthy eating behavior change. If your interested in more information please contact us at
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Laurie Bagley MS in Outdoor Adventure Leadership, is a mother,  ACE certified health coach, entrepreneurial business owner, VeraHeart coach and teacher. Her Health and Wellness products business and her Health Fitness Coaching Business, focus on assisting people reach their health/wellness/fitness and financial goals. She is also the 6th woman to summit Mt. Everest from the North Col route and has written a book called SUMMIT.

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