How Does Coaching Work?
Laurie Bagley

When I am coaching people around their fitness goals and lifestyle change related to fitness I have found that people are much more successful if we build a plan around a ‘Fitness Dream” something that is powerful, motivating and much deeper then things like loosing weight, being healthier or looking better.

Here are some examples of “Dreams” that clients have expressed to me.

1. “I want to be able to ride my bike to the lake/picnic area 12 miles away with my granddaughter and have a picnic”.

2. ”I want to be able to hike with all three of my grandchildren and not feel exhausted.”

3. “I want to be able to fit into a plane seat comfortably”.

4. “I want to ride a bike century and not feel completely beat for the next week.”

I have helped people build fitness programs around these deeper motives. So what is a dream that you have?

Here are some starters to consider:

  • What is your dream exercise routine?
  • What is the best best physical habit that you have in your now? What do you need to do to maintain it?
  • What is the worst physical habit that you have in your life now? What can you do to eliminate it?
  • What is the physical milestone that you have always wanted to achieve?
  • What habit in the physical area, if you implemented it, would have a dramatic impact on your life, energy, and health?
  • What is the biggest habit you must overcome to lead a long, active, and fulfilling life?
  • What is the dream that you have for your overall physical wellness?

Being strong, fit and in a position to do things without giving them to much thought is a great place to be.

I love feeling like I could guide a mountain, go for a 10 mile hike or swim a mile in a lake without training for a month. Here are a few practical goals to consider as you build on your “Dream.”

  • attain my ideal weight
  • stop hitting snooze and wake up by 7am each day
  • lose 20 pounds
  • start working out with a personal trainer to stick with my workout routine
  • eat 5 servings of fruits or vegetables each day
  • achieve my personal best in my 5K time
  • quit smoking
  • monitor my physical activity with a fitness tracker
  • hike the PCT with my daughter
  • learn how to swim in open water
  • use a stand-up desk at work
  • cook one new recipe from a healthy eating cookbook each week for my family
  • get my annual physical

My intention with my coaching is 1) to help you get in touch with what really matters to you and, 2) expanding or enhancing your ongoing commitment to you and the quality of your living experiences.

I am committed to your success in accomplishing your Dream(s).

Laurie Baglye has been working with individuals as a certified health and fitness coach for over a decade. In 2006 she submitted Mount Everest, one of six women in do so on the  North Col route. Her Book, Summit!, is a step by step approach to goal setting with climbing, adventure racing and other real life stories built in as examples.

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