Goal Setting: Support for Health, Fitness or Wellness

I love this quote,” I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” Sunshine book of Quotes. When you are working to change habits it has been my experience that it is key to give yourself permission to stay flexible as you navigate best practices, what is/is not working and how to adjust. I have found that big goals happen with more ease and purpose when there is an element of flexibility. Mountaineering has taught me this over and over. Mother nature will decide some of the possible outcomes and being flexible can make all the difference in reaching your desired goal or not. I am learning this in kiting as well. You can not control the wind and can find yourself in big trouble if you attempt to ignore this simple rule. Here is one idea to consider and a few exercises that may help you get clear on any area in your current business endeavor where flexibility might be a consideration;

  • Stay flexible and when you feel it is right to make a shift, then shift without hesitation.If you stay alert and continue to make the course changes, knowing and trusting at all times that everything is working in concert with you, success will be yours.
  • Write down three times in your life when you choose to stay flexible . How did this serve in a positive outcome?
  • Do the same for three times in your life when you choose to stay rigid to your path. How did this affect the outcome of your desired results? I can recall countless times I have done this in adventure racing, climbing or competitive endurance events and I was always sorry I did not listen to the other voice.
We all have different comfort levels when it comes to making behavior change. You will need to find your way regarding how much you can stretch, flex and need to to stay the current course. I explore this all the time in my health coaching practice and find that is part of the challenge sometimes rewarding and sometimes frustrating.
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Laurie Bagley MS in Outdoor Adventure Leadership, is a mother,  ACE certified health coach, entrepreneurial business owner, VeraHeart coach and teacher. Her Health and Wellness products business and her Health Fitness Coaching Business, focus on assisting people reach their health/wellness/fitness and financial goals. She is also the 6th woman to summit Mt. Everest from the North Col route and has written a book called SUMMIT.


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