I just learned a new buzz word in the fitness industry: active couch potato. We have all heard the term couch potato and what comes to mind for me is someone who does not move much, watches a lot of TV or plays endless video games or surfs the web without moving for long periods of time. An active couch potato is someone that does a minimum of 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise and spends the majority of his/her waking hours sitting. This could be behind a desk, at a computer, in a meeting, on the phone, in the car or on a couch. The latest research is saying that yes exercise is essential for our physical and emotional well being and exercise alone is not enough. (more)

It is my experience that we all need people to support, encourage and care about our well-being and that we do not accomplish great things alone. That is my commitment to anyone I work with. “Our Visions Begin with Our Desires.”
~Auddre Lorde 


Busting Two Food Myths

I recently read some information that I feel compelled to share as I believe knowledge is power and sometimes the knowledge we hold needs a reset. See if any of these beliefs hold true for you.

1. It is healthier to eat gluten free and this choice also support weight loss. It is important to eat gluten free if you of the 1% of the population that suffers from Celiac Disease (this immune system disorder is highly irritated by wheat products). While some people just feel better eating gluten free there are (more)

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