Healthy Life Style Tips: Ways to Strengthen Your Resilience.
Setting big goals, creating a plan and sticking with your plan sound simple and can be very challenging. These actions all require the time needed to accomplish your goals, developing resilience when things do not go according to your expectations and seeing things through.
So how do we increase our resilience?
  • There are ways to strengthen this practice and it is well worth the effort it takes.Here are 4 ideas: Anything that feels calming, soothing or peaceful fits this criterion. 
  • A morning ritual, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, a sauna, journaling, art and listening to specific kinds of music
  •  8 hours of sleep to recover are all ways to support that feeling of “All is Well”, at least for a few moments. 
  • Sometimes just looking at what is directly in front of you and focusing on the very next, immediate steps you need to take can also assist in increasing your resilience.

 Resilience is something we can develop. The research does indicate that our “Willpower” or “Resilience” is strongest first thing in the morning and that depending on how many decisions, how much stress we encounter and how we deal with that stress deplete or reserve. I am noticing that feeling overwhelmed is not an uncommon experience for many people. 

The skill is developing a plan to navigate through these feelings and knowing what to put into play to get past the hardest times. It is also important to find a team or a Sherpa (guide in Nepalese) to help you navigate through some of the roughest of times. Most people do much better during times of stress if they are not an island. There are many resources that address the research associated with resilience and how it affects performance. 

The Adversity Advantage by Paul Stoltz, 10-Minute Toughness by Jason Selk and Be Excellent at Anything by Tony Schwartz. Find support for whatever plan you develop to help you take the very next step towards your goals, move through overwhelm and increase your resilience along the way. When I work with my clients in my health coaching business this is an area of focus. it can make a difference in anyone’s ability to adhere to lifestyle change.

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In Health and Wellness,
Laurie Bagley

 Laurie Bagley   VeraHeart  coach, MS in Outdoor Adventure Leadership, is a mother,  ACE certified health coach, entrepreneurial business owner and teacher. Her coaching with VeraHeart and her businesses, Health PureLiving and Strong Bodies Strong Individuals, focus on assisting people in reaching their health/wellness/fitness, financial and personal growth 

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