Recently I found myself feeling tired, resentful, short tempered and just plain off. I had been reading a book called “The Grateful Life” and was reminded of one simple thing that I had not been doing as part of my daily wellness practice: writing down 3 things that I cam grateful for on a daily basis. Gratitude is one of those things that research is now supporting as a viable tool to help with symptoms of depression, insomnia, hopelessness and can help create a sense of purpose if practiced on a regular basis. As a health coach I am frequently in the position of advising and supporting people with fitness goals, weight loss goals, healthy eating and stress reduction. I am finding more and more that assisting people with a wellness practice that includes an element of gratitude is very important. While many of the suggestions I am about to make may be review for you if your not doing something on a regular basis now might be the time to make a shift. Here are some ideas to get you started on a gratitude practice:

Get out in nature for even 5 minutes daily and notice what is around you.
While driving or commuting to work find 5 things to appreciate as you look at your window.
Keep a gratitude journal in an easy to see place and write down 3 things your grateful for everyday. If you want to take that a step further have someone you can be accountable to on this and share your three.
There are lots of other things out there that people are doing to practice gratitude and in a way that really does bring about a change in the way they feel, interact with others and see the world. As we head into the holiday season remembering to be grateful can take on a whole new dimension as well as present with some different challenges. This article by Forbes Magazine offers some insight on the 7 things that can create direct benefits to your holidays or not. While I am not an expert on gratitude or all the benefits it provides I do know that when I am not in a mindset of being grateful and noticing all that is positive in my life I am not my best self. As a coach I want to empower the people that I work with all the tools that support successful lifestyle change and if I am not using them myself it is hard to expect others to follow my advice.

In the end if you want to experience more appreciation, joy and peace in your life I highly recommend this practice. It may also have some powerful additional benefits like reduced stress, sense of well being and feeling of hope. All of which can all support even more health benefits including getting better sleep which is also associated with weight loss and improved fitness.

I trust this information is helpful to you in some way. As with anything the best idea is to take the parts that work for you and leave the others behind.

In support and health,