Shell of the day! Beach walking for fitness and fun.

This is a topic that is near and dear to me as so frequently I hear people express that their goal on a vacation or during a holiday is to relax, unwind, let go of stress yet many of the behaviors that go along with this idea are counter productive. Picture this: You decide to take a beach vacation to a sunny, warm, lively location. If your traveling during a holiday period the airports will be jammed and flights packed. Because you have an early flight there is no time for a workout or breakfast. You know the flight will not be serving food so as soon as you get through security you head for the nearest Starbucks like booth to grab a fancy coffee and some sort of breaded item. While waiting for your flight to board your doing one last email, text check hoping you haven’t forgotten anything that can’t wait for at least a week. After 6-8 hours on a plane, a lay over, lines in customs and a shuttle to your new home for a bit you can barely wait to grab a cocktail or 2 and a dinner. This is the start of your relaxing, stress free and rejuvenating holiday. You head to bed feeling stuffed, exhausted and weather you know it or not dehydrated. Getting a restful sleep with these factors in play might allude you.

This is a small snap shot of how things are starting out. You could continue down this path or make a few changes to the beginning and alter your daily plan to include some physical activity, healthy eating and enough rest. I realize that you might be thinking that this does not sound like much fun. Trust me you may surprise yourself and have more fun then ever if you wake up alert as opposed to hung over, rested as opposed to exhausted, ready for breakfast rather than bloated and uncomfortable. Here are the suggestions I would have you consider. Knowing the travel can be stressful set yourself up ahead of time to experience less if possible.

Pack some healthy snacks the night before. They can see you through at least until you have time to get something healthy. If your traveling by car you can pack a cooler with the same idea in mind.
If your going to drink coffee first thing make sure you drink equal amount so water. Flights don’t offer much but they do offer water. If your traveling by car make sure you have water bottles handy.
Once you get to your destination(especially day of) keep your alcohol intact reasonable and consider food choices that you can sleep on. Get to bed at a decent hour so you can take advantage of the next day to the fullest.
If possible let yourself sleep until you wake up naturally. This might be hard but your body will thank you.
Do some sort of physical activity every day. It could be a swim, walk on the beach, class (many places now offer yoga, cardio fitness or Pilates) use the fitness center or if your at someone’s home find a nearby fitness center. Bike rentals are also becoming more popular as are walking tours of places.
The above suggestions are pretty simple. There are lots of more exotic and/or involved options like skiing vacations, snorkeling, scuba, kite surfing, cycling trips, hiking trails. The list can be endless if your willing to do a little recon ahead of time and decide what you are willing to do, what sounds like fun and what can support the other goal of time to relax, revive and experience less stress for a bit of time. Holiday’s and vacations can be a great way to regroup if you allow the space to do so and take care of yourself in the process. An added bonus it that you will be a lot more fun for any traveling companions/family to be around .
In support of you having time out and in a way that does not set you back from your healthy lifestyle choices, healthy eating plan and daily fitness. It is just a little different and takes a little rethinking around what fun really looks like.
In health and wellness,