Sunrise in La Ventana Mexico my Thanksgiving refuge

We are now officially into the holiday season and I am finding that the more tools and strategies I can put into place to support peace of mind, minimal to no weight gain, sustained energy and adherence to my fitness program the happier I am. That is what inspired this blog post title. I want to share what I know to be true with you and you can decide what if any of it could be helpful and/or resonates with what you are wanting in your life as well. If I could target one thing that could be a game changer now more than ever it is an attitude of gratitude. I am sure you have heard this term before and if all I do is create a reminder for you around how important and valuable this can be in your life, mission accomplished. I do have some thoughts around how you can create a gratitude menu so to speak. A variety of ways that you an tap into this practice on a regular basis. Here are some simple ideas:

At least once a day when you get into your car to drive somewhere look for something in nature (or otherwise if need be) to be grateful for. If you live in the city it could be trees, open sky, a park. You may have to be a bit more creative.
Get out in nature at least once a day and reflect on something that gives you a sense of peace. Could be animals, birds, moving air, grass. You name it. Nature is a very powerful force when it comes to gratitude and how it can create a sense of healing and peace.
Keep a gratitude journal where you record three things you are grateful for on a daily basis. This only takes a few minutes and can go a long way in raising your energy and a sense of appreciation for the people and the things in your life.
Let one person know every day that you enjoy and are grateful to have them in your life. I started a practice the week of Thanksgiving ,contacting at least one friend per day to let them know how important they have been to me in my life. I have found that people do not expect this and are so happy to get the short message.
It is easy for me to go on about why we should all be grateful, especially in this country where we have so much and how we should go about doing this practice. Actually implementing any of the above on a regular basis is simple yet takes diligence. As with any new habit it might be fine for a few weeks and then as soon as you find yourself under unexpected stress, tired or overwhelmed the practice takes a back seat. I know I have had this experience myself and have had to get myself back on the “Daily Gratitude” track more than once in the past year.

So what does all of the have to do with your health and wellness? To put it simply gratitude creates a sense of inner peace which I for one need as much of as I can experience. It also can raise your energy at least for short periods of time and can often help with the feeling that you are in control by acknowledge the things that you are grateful for which may also be some of the things that are going well for you in your life.I know that over all there is very little we have control over. Certainly not other people only our selves. Having a practice of gratitude allows you to focus on those things that you do have control of and are grateful for and perhaps a way to allow for those things that you don’t.

My intention is always to bring to you any experiences that have helped me to stay positive, strong, engaged and on my healthy lifestyle path which also does include healthy eating and fitness. I offer this support to you in the hopes that it makes your journey easier and more sustainable. I trust that there may be something in this post that creates a sense of peace, hope and feeling that at least in the moment all is well.

In support and in health during this holiday season.