“You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream, you’ve got to get out there and make it happen yourself.” Diana Ross

This is the time of year when people are starting to consider the new year and what they may want to be different in their lives.I have often been asked “How do you know what to go for in your life, what is important, what matters?”

My response is, “Does the thought of your dream create a feeling of excitement and purpose? Is it a bit daunting? Does it scare you? Is it something you have thought of over the months/years? Is it constantly on your mind? If you didn’t go for it how would you feel?

I believe the dreams to go for are the ones you feel in your body. There will be a feeling of desire and sometimes burning desire. There will be nothing lukewarm about it. I have discovered that if I pursue goals that did not bring out this kind of excitement there ultimately would be a lack of commitment and/or desire to continue on the path. The right dream creates the power and passion to go beyond the obstacles that will always show up at some point along the journey. This is what will drive you to succeed specifically with your health, fitness and wellness goals. Even when things are tedious, hard and/or exhausting your will feel it is still worth it to keep moving forward.

When I decided to climb Mt. Everest I had no idea what it would really be like. Perhaps you feel that way about taking on a fitness program or changing your eating habits and/or putting into play other lasting behavior changes that are foreign, new, scary. What I can say is that as you set goals and achieve them your excitement will be fueled.. Yes, you will experience challenges along the way, be diligent. Give yourself permission to take another 5 steps even when it feels to difficult. I will expand on this in the weekly motivational video.

In the mean time here is some home work that I would love to see addressed in our forum!

1. How would you feel if you accomplished your big dream/goal today? Don’t hold back on the answer to this.
2. What are the major fears that hold you back from pursuing your dreams/goals? The act of writing these down can lesson their grip on your forward momentum. In addition I want you to consider the following:

Did you write down your 2016 Goals?

1) How often do you re-read your 2016 Goals?
2) How did you do as far as accomplishing your 2016 Goals?
3) Did you focus too much on the goals themselves versus focusing on following through on the habits that would have led to the goals?
4) What are your fitness, weight loss and health goals for 2017?
5) Write “Why?” next to each of your 2017 Goals and then explain why you want to accomplish that goal.
6) Write “How?” next to each of your 2017 Goals and then explain what actions and habits you need to take to accomplish that goal.
7) Write yourself a note declaring your commitment to use goals as vehicles to hunt down your best self versus destinations. Make sure to explain why this will lead to you making 2017 one of the best years of life.

Until you make it real and hold yourself accountable goals have a tendency to slip through our fingers regardless of how well intentioned we may be. If this has been you in the past now is the time to change that pattern.

In support of you, your health and all that 2017 has the power to bring to you!