By Guest Blogger | January 30, 2021

Each person has their own struggles in life. You, too, maybe facing one right now. It might seem that rising from these struggles is hopeless. However, Laurie Bagley will prove you wrong. You may not realize this, but you have significant control over the life you create. In her book, Summit!, Laurie demonstrates that anything is possible, especially with careful planning, commitment, and the right tools. And in order for that to happen, you have to identify your true passions and set a goal. Summit! will make you reflect upon your situation to form a seed (goal) that you barely dare to imagine you can achieve.

Goals can be short-term or long-term ones. It doesn’t have to be something really big and outstanding. Nonetheless, these are goals that anyone wants to achieve to reach one’s highest potential. No one wants to stay stagnant in life. You, yourself, want to rise from where you are now. Everyone is setting goals to become a better version of themselves or level up life experiences. Goals drive you to become the person you want to be. Each day you are thinking about your goals. And each day, you are moving forward to get closer to success.

Moreover, achieving your goals does not happen overnight; it is a journey. Sticking to those goals proves to be very challenging because sometimes the road can be rough and brittle. Losing sight of your goal will encourage you to veer off course. And for that reason, this article will help you achieve your goals through the varied mindset shift.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Many people are afraid of change, which is why most do not succeed in achieving their goals. The comfort zone has a sense of familiarity and security. On the other hand, taking risks is going into the unknown. The unknown can be terrifying since you have no idea what the consequences will be. You have to change your “what’s the worst that can happen” mindset to “what’s the best that can happen. Switch your “what if’s” into what can. Put yourself in a situation that will challenge you. Stepping out of the comfort zone is the catalyst for growth. This provides you another motivation to take action to reach your dreams.

Staying in your comfort zone will result in steady and consistent performance. Bear in mind that successful people were those who dove into the discomfort of uncertainty and were rewarded with great gifts in life. Challenging yourself helps you perform at your peak in everything. Embrace the risks to make changes in your life that can lead to your personal growth.

Think Positively

One of the greatest fears for people is failure, and due to this, they think negatively. They’ll question their capability, drowning themselves in inner turmoil. As they say, life is too short to let fear make big decisions for you. Hence, to eliminate fear, you have to think positively and take action. Thinking positively can be identified as self-empowerment. Thinking that you can do great things will boost confidence allowing you to move towards achieving success. It’s not easy to overcome fear, but building up your confidence overturns that fear. Your positive way of thinking will significantly affect how you make things possible. It can do many great wonders for your life and in achieving your goals.

Manifest Daily

Motivational speakers will continuously teach you the power of manifestation. Manifestation allows our thoughts to create energy flow to attract its likeness. Practicing manifestations is a mindset shift attracts success. You can manifest through speaking daily affirmations to motivate yourself. Create affirmations and repeat them. Consistency in doing these will remove all self-doubt and form wonders in your mindset instead. Also, speaking affirmations aloud will connect you with a tangible sense that your dreams and goals are possible. Daily manifestations allow your subconscious brain to start believing that these affirmations are true. However, manifesting will be pointless when you don’t take proactive steps towards your desires. To begin manifesting, be clear of what you want and the universe, and you will coincide working together towards your goals.

In conclusion, the key to achieving your goals is down to your mindset. Your mindset is the determiner of the actions you will take. No matter what you want to attain in your life, adopting the right mindset will produce the results you want. Without the right mindset in place accomplishing your goals is that much harder.