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Here are some questions and answers I have received over the years. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please reach out and ask!

I have tried lots of different diets and fitness programs in the past. How is this different?2017-03-28T23:01:14+00:00

Health coaching is a little like life coaching. The reason it works differently than other things you have tried is because the focus is creating behavior change related to food choices and exercise in very small, incremental steps. There is nothing fancy or complicated about the program and one small change builds on the previous one to create momentum which is the premises behind creating lasting, solid habits.

Is the program time consuming?2017-03-25T12:44:22+00:00

Making behavior change which may include a change in your eating habits and your exercise habits can take some additional time. This will depend on where we are starting from. In general the additional time can be in the form of food prep and exercise. Working up to 30 minutes of fitness 5-6 days a week(minimum) could also be new for you.

What about fitness?2017-03-25T12:40:24+00:00

Another important aspect of an integrated program is some sort of fitness component. Assessing your current level of fitness and designing a fitness program that is fun, motivating and sustainable is part of what a health coach does. This also supports weight loss and maintaining weigh loss.

Can a health coach help me loose weight?2017-03-25T12:37:31+00:00

One of the components of an integrated program is a healthy eating plan. If one of your goals is to loose weight we would spend time establishing what your current habits are and what is needed to create a  healthy eating plan that would support and sustain weight loss.

Who is A Health Coach?2017-03-25T12:34:04+00:00
 A Health Coach has developed a comprehensive understanding of the interrelated emotional, behavioral, physical, nutritional, exercise and lifestyle factors that must be addressed to help clients make lasting change. And, most important, it is obvious that they also live what they share with their clients. A certified health coach has gone through a program and passed an exam to ensure that they have an extensive knowledge base surrounding what it takes to assist people with lifestyle changes related to healthy eating, fitness and wellness.


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