Free Chapter of Summit! by Laurie Bagley

Free Chapter of Summit! by Laurie Bagley

This free download is our gift to you, with no strings attached. Our hope is this will spark a desire to find success as you face your own Everest.


Through the pages of this book, I will share with you a clear path for you to walk towards achieving your biggest accomplishments. I encourage you to recognize the greatness that resides within you. It is all too easy and sometimes quite comfortable to think that there are only a certain few who can reach great heights of achievement. But those who live their dreams are people like you, with the courage to believe and proceed.
Everything I have written on these pages is based on my personal experience. This is not a theory. I have lived through years of sweat, labor, focus, and perseverance. The chapters share the truth of my experience, and this truth expresses my intention to create more joy in the world; the joy of viewing life from peak experiences, the thrill of standing on the top of the world in awe of life and wonder of the human spirit.


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